Monday, October 10, 2011

It's never big enough :-)

We started out with a two tone pole barn that wasn't quite what I envisioned at Casa Del Paca. Items on the wish list were a front porch for shade and to help keep the elements out as well as two wings to add tractor storage and more stalls for the male alpacas.

With a few tweaks and a bit of cash we were able to turn a standard equipment building into a red barn that was not only nice to look at but fit all our storage and alpaca needs. Notice how kind the hubby was to install a wagon wheel so it appeared to be more "barn like". :-)

The after picture shows our "new barn" with the facelift. I opted for the Rustic Red with white trim instead of the standard red. Here is the new barn that measures at a robust 70' wide by 50' deep.

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