Saturday, June 11, 2011

It all begins at the front door

My long list of to do things keep getting longer but I thought the best place to start would be the front door. To me the front door makes a home more inviting and immediately informs the guests who visit what kind of home you have. I chose a color that I have always loved called Bearclaw by Valspar. It's a deep rich rust color that tells your guests that they are about to enter a home that is different.

Now I needed something a little different that would add a touch of distinction to the door so I took the plunge and visited my daughters favorite website called When I typed in door numbers I found a wonderful site that cuts and prints rub on house numbers. To tell the truth, I was a bit excited. So excited that I instantly ordered them and then remembered that I had a glass front door and not a solid door. This was a strong hint that we have owned too many houses. :-) I didn't cancel the order out of guilt and thought maybe I could use them somewhere other than the front door. When my little package arrived it was in an adorable little tube with directions and a handwritten message. So cute! I am used to Ebay where you get your item in an old shoe box wrapped in duct tape and stuffed with old Famous Barr ads for padding. If you happen to go to be sure to check out the seller named Singlestory. You will be glad you did!

After reading through the directions. (well, I skimmed the highlights and looked at the pictures) I proceeded to add my house numbers to the bottom of the door. I love the look! Now on to the next project!!

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